Business Tool Kit - Featuring Resources on the Following:

Hiring, Accommodations & Technology, Sample Procedures, Accessibility in Business, Legal Resources, Business Connections, Customer Relations, Tax Incentives

We know you want highly qualified employees to take your business forward. The most successful companies have identified strategies to help them retain, retrain, and hire a diverse workforce. In addition, you want to improve your bottom line and serve customers with disabilities in the most effective way possible.

From time to time you will have questions or need resources to help you troubleshoot and brainstorm some solutions for your customers and/or employees with disabilities. The Northwest ADA Center has researched and compiled some helpful online tools to make your efforts toward compliance informed and easier.

This is the A to Z  of  (Employment Practices).

Whether your concern is age-related conditions, injuries on the job, or bringing on new staff with disabilities, our website can help. Our employer section provides straightforward solutions and information that address everyday human resource issues, especially as they relate to current or future employees and customers with disabilities. Our section on customer relations will help improve your service delivery making you a more "go to" customer friendly business.

Hiring Veterans with Disabilities

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