The Northwest ADA Center has developed a variety of resources and tools that we hope our audience will find informative and useful.

The Northwest ADA Center has developed toolkits for a variety of purposes and audiences. These include Compliance Toolkits, which are specific tools or best practices that can aide in compliance or provide ideas on compliance. Oftentimes there is not a first step guide written to assist in the decision making that many employers and businesses need. These links provide samples so that you can comply and the ideas and examples will help ensure that you create a "game you can win."  Tools for ADA Coordinators, Employers, Architects and Contractors are featured here.

There is also a specific toolkit for individuals with disabilities, with resources related to many issues and which is aimed at people with disabilities.

Northwest ADA Center Fact Sheets

The Northwest ADA Center has developed a series of 2- to 4-page Fact Sheets on a variety of topics related to the ADA.  This section also includes fact sheets developed by the ADA National Network, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).