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This is just a reminder about the database again. This is a really important part of what we do for the ADA and NIDRR. It is a source of outcomes for us to show what we do and how we do it. It allows us and NIDRR to look at what we are doing and decide the direction that might inform about the ADA and disabilities best. In the priorities for the new grant they state the importance of the Data collected.

(1) Entering, directly into the database maintained by the ADA
National Network  . . . ., the required data about each of the
ADA Network Services that it provides. These data must include, but are
not limited to,

  • the ADA title or titles, regulations, and specific
    topics that are addressed by the ADA Network Services provided,
  • (2) the modality of service provision (e.g., in-person presentation, webinar),
  • (3) non-identifying information about the recipient or recipients
    of the ADA Network Services; [This means all demographics, including states and cities etc].

(2) Collaborating with the ADA  . . .  Center to analyze data about ADA stakeholder requests for information and the services that the ADA Regional Center Provides.
Please help with an inclusive amount of data for TAs, Trainings, and Public Awareness.
Here is a definition of training and what is to be seen as training.

  • Defined as event over two hours in length, an on-site lecture with Q&A and/or experiential exercise, distance-learning, Web-based course or teleconference provided to individuals and entities with rights and responsibilities under the ADA
  • A service provided to groups of people to give them information on the ADA, and training has a learning objective, the idea that when people have gone through the training they have learned about:

TA outcomes are important and some definition on the difference follows:
Information Dissemination

  • defined as the provision of easily determined information lasting no more than a few minutes


  • defined as the provision of complex fact-specific information that is lengthy and deals with problem-solving situations

Complex information

  • Beyond Consultation with the same criteria, with possible visits or extensive research. I.e. RA intervention or an onsite accessibility survey.

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