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Join us in Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the ADA!

See The Button In Action ADA Celebration Button

Starting July 26th, we are launching a campaign called “Celebrating the 20th!”

We will be scheduling events and providing ways for us all to:

  • raise awareness about how many people the ADA affects
  • demonstrate the inclusive purpose of the ADA in our communities and our lives
  • further disarm the attitudes of exclusion based on disability

We can make a vivid expression to businesses, local government, and our individual communities that disability is a more common event than they might think! Many more people are touched by disability including the friends, family, neighbors and co-workers of individuals who are supported by the ADA.

“I Support the 20th” Button Campaign

If you are or know someone with a disability, show that you are celebrating the ADA by wearing a campaign button stating “I support the 20th!”  Wear it whenever you go out in your community to dine, shop, or attend a public event and draw attention to your solidarity with the purpose of the ADA.

See The President's Speech for the ADA Anniversary


Celebrating on July 26th is an effective way of drawing attention to the actual day of the signing of this historic civil rights law, but a campaign is much more of an enduring statement than one day can be.  After July 26th, stay tuned or help us with:


  • PSAs for radio, TV and the Internet highlighting changes in the last 20 years
  • Articles telling our personal stories
  • YouTube videos showing all the people and places where the “I Support The 20th” campaign buttons have gone and what the campaigners are doing.

We will continue to post events and information as we learn about them.  Contact us with ideas or plans you are developing in your community!  Some more of our ideas:

  • Join hands around a significant building in your community, i.e. city hall, post office, transit station, grocery store, shopping center. This activity would call on all supporters of the ADA’s passage to join hands and encircle a landmark at a specified time.
  • Picnic/Festival with guest speakers, music, art displays, crafts, etc
  • Gather your “I Support The 20th” campaigners and “mob” a local restaurant, pub, or coffee shop for a demonstration of presence and economic significance.
  • Ride your local accessible transportation and create a route of places to stop and shop at accessible business.

Celebrate with a short history of the ADA by the people who Lived it.

ADA AAmendments SigningOriginal ADA signing


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